July 24, 2015

Why wax?

To wax or not to wax?

With all this HOT weather we’ve had lately in the Northwest, there comes tank tops, shorts and skirts. And when skin is on display, that means body hair is also potentially on display. There are several ways to deal with unwanted body hair, but our favorite is wax! What makes waxing better than shaving? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Nicks and Cuts! With waxing you safe yourself the risk of cutting yourself with the razor!
  2. Time! For someone constantly on the go, waxing can save you TONS of time. Think of the extra sleep you would get in the morning if you didn’t have to shave every morning in the shower!
  3. Maintenance! It is so nice to go from having to shave everyday, to only having to wax every couple of weeks!
  4. Better Skin! Did you know that waxing removes dead skin cells? So with just one service you will get smooth, bright, hair-free skin!
  5. Changes to your hair! When you wax regularly, eventually the hair grows back in finer! This is because the wax pulls hair out from the follicle instead of cutting it off at the skin. This weakens the follicle, so over time the hair produced by that follicle is finer!
  6. Fewer ingrown hairs! Because shaving cuts the hair off at the skin, the hair has a flat edge. This can make it harder for the hair to poke back through the skin, causing uncomfortable and unsightly ingrown hairs!

Of course there are some risks to waxing if it is done improperly. For this reason we recommend that you always have your wax done by a licensed professional or supervised student.

Wax your legs!

Wax on a leg.

Wax, so you don't cut yourself

Don’t you just HATE that?










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