July 31, 2015

What we do.

What we do changes lives.

What we do is touch people. We touch people both figuratively and literally. We had an amazing experience here at Summit today. We had the opportunity to touch someone’s life in a very real way. We will let Christina tell her own story:

what we do changes lives

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“I get my hair trimmed twice per year, even though it is recommended more often. Each time I go, I ask them to take off 4 inches. I also always schedule my appointment for 6 months later. Last year, I got my hair cut in February and I was scheduled to get my hair cut in August but the weekend in August came and my father was in a coma. I knew that was going to be my last weekend with him so I cancelled my appointment. It wasn’t intentional, but I never made another one. On Monday, it will be the one year anniversary of my father’s passing so I think it’s only appropriate that I go to the beauty shop today and allow myself to finally have that haircut. I’m going to ask them to take 10 inches and I’m going to ask them to donate it in honor of my father’s own struggle with cancer. He did not lose his battle. He was originally given 6 months and he fought for 10 years so I think that 10 inches is an appropriate amount.”

Christina left us with her hair 10 inches shorter, and her heart a lot less heavy.

We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to belong to an industry that can touch people’s lives like this. This is the soul of what we do as beauty professionals.

To any stylists or estheticians out there that feel like you do not make a difference, you could not be more wrong. You will touch more lives than you will ever know. In the wise words of Michael Cole- “Who you are is more than ‘just’ a hairdresser, and what you do for a living is way more than ‘just’ hair.”

Thank you Christina for allowing us to take this journey with you.

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