May 9, 2014

The Awesome Journey

We are very fortunate to be able to watch the entire education process here at Summit. The journey from first day of school to licensed stylist or skin therapist is a challenging and frustrating, but rewarding and beautiful. On their first day our students are timid but excited to get started. As they progress through their time with us, they will each learn more than they could have even known that they didn’t know.  There will be triumphs with the first successful guest service, or when they master a skill that seemed impossible they first time they saw it.  And, as with any education there will also be setbacks along the way, but each challenge is a lesson. By the time they leave us, they are ready to take on the world.

This week we were lucky to see both ends of the spectrum.

On Monday we hosted a “Take Your Income Over The Top” class. We told the attendees that we wanted to take a picture of all of the Grads in attendance, and had the pleasant realization that the vast majority of the attendees were grads! It just goes to show that our grads know  that a successful stylist or skin therapist’s education doesn’t ever stop!

Our amazing grads!!

Our amazing grads!!

And then on Tuesday, we welcomed our new May Cosmetology class! These ladies will be available for services starting in July!





May 2014 Cosmetology Class.

May 2014 Cosmetology Class.

We just want to say to all of our students: past, future and present, thank you for entrusting your education to us. We love you!

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Patty Vernon
Patty Vernon

I wanted to take a moment to recognize Hallie for doing an excellent job on my hair. I suggested we cut it 2 inches…Hallie recommended 1 inch…love it!! Then I was looking for a change and was considering bangs. Hallie thought bangs would be a nice change, so we settled on side sweeping bangs…love them! Hallie is an example of a professional that knows her job. She’s not afraid to make recommendations and she is usually right. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

Summit Salon Academy Tacoma

Hi Patty! Thank you for letting us know! We think Hallie rocks too!

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