June 9, 2015

Super Stars May 2015

Summit Super Stars is a monthly list of student achievement. This list may include perfect attendance, level jumpers, level qualifiers, and everyone who won an award for reaching their goals.

Summit Salon Academies utilize the Summit Salon™ performance-based system to teach future service providers how to provide an exceptional guest experience and enhance their earning potential. The Academies marry this performance-based methodology with technical training to provide the most innovative and advanced Cosmetology School experience available in North America.

Check back each month for the current Summit Super Stars List!!

Congratulations to these ladies for their hard work in May 2015! We are proud of you super stars! Keep up the good work!

Summit Super Star Level Jumpers

June Level Jumpers

Level Jumpers to Level 2:

  • Chandler s
  • Mandy M
  • Maddy R
  • Nicole I
  • Samantha F

Level Jumper to Level 4:

  • Yana C

Perfect Attendance:

  • Alicia A
  • Andrea L
  • Danielle B (second month in a row!)
  • Darien A
  • Errin D
  • Jessica A (third month in a row!)
  • Jessica B
  • Kaitlyn C
  • Kenzie M
  • Kim C
  • Michelle F
  • Reniel R
  • Samantha F
  • Shavonne C

Top Repeat/ Request:

  • Level 1: Nicole I
  • Level 2: Arielle C
  • Level 3: Yana C

Top Referrals:

  • Level 1: Brandie H, Hallie B, Madisyn W
  • Level 2: Sierra R
  • Level 3: Yana C

Top Prebooks:

  • Level 1: Nicole I
  • Level 2: Sierra R
  • Level 3: Yana C

Top Retail:

  • Level 1: Justine M, Marissa S Sheryl F
  • Level 2: Ali S
  • Level 3: Yana C

Highest Average Ticket:

  • Level 1: Justine M, Marissa S

Summit Super Stars

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