July 12, 2012

New FDA Sunscreen Regulations

Use Sunscreen! Protect your skin!

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With all of the glorious sunshine we’ve had in Tacoma lately, we want to run outside and let our skin soak up as much sun as it can, but we should remember that it is still important to protect our skin.

Dermalogica and Summit Salon Academy  are staying on top of new Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations on sunscreen.

The FDA is requiring that all sunscreen manufacturers change their labels so that brands that truly offer Broad Spectrum Sunscreen can use those words on their labels.

Broad spectrum means that the FDA has tested the product and has made sure that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are the primary cause of (ouch!) painful sunburn, while UVA rays which go deeper into our skin are more likely to cause wrinkling, leathering, and sagging of the skin.

The second change is that sunscreens cannot include the words “sweat proof” or “water proof” and they must let users know to reapply because all sunscreens need to be reapplied after showering, swimming, or sweating!

The deadline for these changes is December 2012, but we are several steps ahead because our sun protection products already have the new packaging!

We offer two types of Dermalogica moisturizing broad spectrum UV protection: chemical and physical, which TSPA Esthetics students are knowledgeable about, and eager to help assist customers.

Physical sunscreens use naturally occurring elements like titanium oxide and zinc oxide and are best for sensitive skin or right after a skin treatment with a Salon Professional Academy Tacoma Esthetics student.

Dermalogica chemical sun protection products are now using a new technology which allows the products to penetrate deeper in the skin. What this means is that a smaller amount of chemicals are able to provide a greater protection!

We now offer four UV protection products –Super Sensitive Shield SPF30, Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30, Solar Defense Booster SPF50, and Oil Free Matte SPF30.

(more: Skin Cancer Foundation – sunscreens explained )


Dermalogica and TSPA

Dermalogica chemical sun protection products are now using a new technology

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