June 3, 2016

Sweet as sugaring

Sugaring Hair Removal!

Before and After Sugaring

Before and After!

Summit Salon Academy is super excited to share that we are now offering Sugar of the Nile Sugaring Hair Removal Services in our Esthetics Department! What is sugaring? And more importantly, why should you have this service? Keep reading to learn more!

All Natural

Sugaring is an all natural alternative to waxing. The sugar mixture used is comprised of sugar, water and lemon juice. These ingredients are tolerated by almost everyone, and allergic reaction is very uncommon. This method of hair removal has been around along time. It was common in the Persian Empire around the turn of 19th Century. 


Sugar melts at body temperature, which means that we can sugar clients with skin that is sensitive to heat. Sugaring is also totally safe for clients with diabetes! The mixture doesn’t stick to the skin. It only sticks to the hair that we are removing. Sugaring is safe for the whole body: arms, legs, face, you can sugar it! 

 Before you get Sugared

Make sure to exfoliate before you come in. The hair to be removed should be at least 1/8 inch long.  That is shorter than the minimum for waxing! Which means that you have less of that awkward grow out stage! Heck yeah!


Hair that has been sugared tends to last longer than hair that has been waxed. Your hair free glory can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Plus when your hair grows back, it is less dense and more fine!

Want to be sugared?

You can have anything sugared! Lips, Brows, Full Legs, Back, Bikini even Brazilians – prices vary per service.

Call our front desk at 253-617-7000 to schedule today! Starting prices range from $11 for a lip wax to $40 for a Brazilian.

How it works

Your student skin therapist will cleanse the body part that is going to be eppilated. Then apply powder to help the mixture glide over the skin. Finally, s/he will mold the sugar mixture in the opposite direction of your hair growth which allows mixture to reach the follicle much more efficiently than wax. When the mixture is flicked up in the direction of the hair growth, it takes a lot more hair with it. Because it won’t stick to your skin, the hair is less prone to breakage! This means that more hair is pulled out at the root for a  more efficient ellpilation of hair.


What we will use!

Step 1. Cleanse and Powder

Step 1- Cleanse and Powder


Step 2- Apply sugar mixture in the opposite direction of hair growth


Step 3- Flick Sugar mixture up in the direction of hair growth


End result- Smooth and hair-free skin with minimal irritation!


Want to learn a little more? Check out this article – read more.

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