December 12, 2016

Social Promoter of the Month: McKenna de Vries

Some people were simply born for the beauty industry. At Summit Salon Academy in Tacoma, we help our gifted students refine their knack for beauty and assist them in transforming it into a life-long career.

We consider all of our students top-notch but this month, one hard working cosmetology student went above and beyond the call of beauty. The social promoter of the month for November is McKenna de Vries! Congrats, McKenna!

About McKenna


McKenna’s top priority is her guests, hands down. She takes pride not only in making them look beautiful but feel beautiful as well!

“Being interested in someone’s world immediately changes the atmosphere, creating a comfortable first visit and hopefully many more to come!”

And when we asked what she thinks sets her apart from others in the industry, she answered honorably by saying:

“There’s a lot more to the hair world than just hair! Making that my first priority, I believe is what makes me different!”

We agree, McKenna! That is why we strive to provide our students with a well-rounded education that will teach them the importance of communication and building guest relationships. Our curriculum is designed to teach not only the technical skills needed to become a beauty professional but also the essential business and customer service skills that are vital to growing and maintaining a clientele.

She was asked to share her favorite part of cosmetology.

“I really enjoy color and cutting equally. They both allow me to be creative in different ways, making sure there’s never a dull moment!”

McKenna makes a really good point about cosmetology: it teaches such a variety of skills and outlets that allow cosmetologists to express their creativity freely, preventing them from having predictable days where they do they same thing over and over. There really is never a dull moment in the world of beauty!

She went on to talk about her strengths as a cosmetologist and she excitedly expressed her newfound love for taking client’s hair lighter!

“Whether it is traditional foils, balayage or an all over process, I feel most confident and excited about my work when I am working with a client to lift his or her hair.”

Why McKenna Chose Summit Salon Academy

“I chose this school because I had heard many amazing things about it! After my first tour, I fell in love and knew this is where I wanted to start my education journey!”

At Summit Salon Academy in Tacoma, our staff is made up of experienced beauty professionals that have worked in nearly every realm of the beauty industry. From stylists, estheticians, and makeup artists, to salon owners, marketing and sales consultants, platform artists and more, our staff has the upper hand of well-earned industry knowledge and years of combined experience.

We absolutely love seeing eager and passionate students, like McKenna, start their journey with us, watching them expand their knowledge and skills as a cosmetologist and truly grow into their fullest potential.

What the Future Holds

Goal setting is an essential part of being a successful cosmetologist. McKenna said that her future goals are to, “find a small environment salon that I can shadow at and get an idea of what life is like outside the walls of beauty school. Eventually I dream to work full time among other stylists.”

Perfecting your craft and learning new and different skills is a great way to become established in the industry. We admire McKenna’s passion for learning, and we believe this is what is going to her excel in her career as a cosmetologist!

You can check out more of McKenna’s work on her Instagram page: @mj_hairdays

If you want to pursue a rewarding career that will allow you to express your creativity freely, request information about our cosmetology program. To find out more about our school and our other programs feel free to contact us for more information!


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