December 20, 2017

Social Promoter of the Month: Tori Baines

There are lots of ingredients that go into making a beauty school great! Some of those ingredients are the instructors, facilities, staff, and the curriculum just to name a few. At Summit Salon Academy Tacoma, we are proud of what we offer in these areas, but the cherry on top that really sets us apart is our students. We love our students. They are an awesome group and they amaze us everyday.

Because we want to show off our extraordinary students, we highlight one of them every month. This month’s social promoter is Tori Baines!

tori baines

Meet Tori

Tori is an all-star and sets herself apart with her hard work and passion for learning. She brings that passion and a great attitude with her to school everyday. This attitude helps her learn quickly and it also rubs off on other students. Tori’s positivity is contagious!

We’re not the only ones that absolute adore Tori either; clients love her! Tori said “I try to be very personable with them so they open up a little more while receiving their service.” Tori loves getting to know her clients and hopes to see them smiling from ear to ear when they leave the salon. It’s important to Tori that they feel beautiful and feel like they had great service. Tori knows what it takes to thrive as a beauty professional! Way to go, Tori!


Why Tori Chose Summit Salon Academy

tori baines work

Tori Baines: before and after eyelashes

What was it about Summit Salon Academy that captured the attention of Tori? She said, “I chose this school because my very good friend went here for cosmetology. She had nothing but great things to say. I’m very glad I listened to her!” We’re also glad your friend led you to us, Tori.

Tori is set to graduate in February 2018 – the day before her birthday! Graduation and launching a career as an esthetician will be Tori’s birthday gift to herself. It’s almost certain that this will be her best birthday yet. During her time at Summit Salon Academy, we’ve been able to watch Tori grow professionally and personally. For this birthday we hope that she can look back and say that she’s proud of she has accomplished.

Tori’s Bright Future

tori baines before and after workWhat career path is Tori going to start working on to celebrate her birthday/graduation? She said, “I hope to one day own my own business doing waxing, skin services and eyelash extensions!”

An estimated 28% of estheticians are self employed which is great news for people like Tori. It’s a great career path to take and with a little hard work it’s totally attainable. We know Tori has what it takes to thrive. She’s the kind of gal that accomplishes anything she sets her mind to. We love that about her!

You can follow Tori on Facebook or Instagram. You’ll be able to see the remaining months of her educational experience at Summit Salon Academy and see where she goes after graduation. When she starts her own skin care business, you may be able to book your next service with her!

Become The Next Social Promoter

Are you ready to launch your journey to becoming a cosmetologist or esthetician? Contact us! We can answer your questions, help you get enrolled, and you can start working on becoming our next social promoter of the month! We can’t wait to help you get started.

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