August 25, 2017

Social Promoter of the Month: Taryn Ellingson

Each month at Summit Salon Academy Tacoma, we feature one of our amazing students as our Social Promoter of the Month. This is a student who has gone above and beyond expectations to not only create a style all their own, but to begin to brand and build their book before graduation.

Taking the business and practical training that we instill in each of our students to the next level, we are proud to support this month’s Social Promoter of the Month in their efforts, and in their future career. Congratulations to Taryn Ellingson on achieving this month’s honor.

Meet Taryn

Meet Taryn Ellingson from Summit Salon TacomaTaryn is a dedicated student who has risen to the occasion, striving to master every skill and technique she can. Working to perfect everything from blowouts to balayage, she knows that these skills can make all the difference to her clients. “I feel like these specific services take a lot of time and dedication and once you have a finished product, it’s like looking at a piece of art that you were able to create.”

Putting her clients first, Taryn wants to make sure each one is comfortable and well taken care of. “I’m always a listener,” she says, continuing with, “I always go over expectations right off the bat so there aren’t any surprises or let downs. I’m here to make guests not only look good, but feel good.”

At Summit Salon Academy, we know that the futures each of our students are building go beyond the skills they learn in the salon. It’s in the care they give to each client, and the support they deliver both in the chair and out. It’s a lesson that we strive to instill in each of our students, and one we are proud of Taryn for becoming a master of.

“I like to get down to business but also be able to have a conversation and have fun while doing hair. I have met a lot of stylists that are one or the other and it’s good to be a combination of both.”

Why Taryn Chose Summit Salon Academy

Taryn Ellingson's work from Summit Salon TacomaWhen asked why Taryn chose Summit Salon academy, the answer came easy. “This place gives you so many opportunities to grow as a stylist and the freedom to be creative.”

That easy decision, however, was not without a little sacrifice. Originally from Oregon, Taryn chose to move to the Tacoma area to attend our school. While moving away from home was difficult, it was an easy decision; “Moving to come to this specific school was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

We know how difficult the move has been, but as Taryn says it was worth it, even with her own family so far away, she has found the support, love, and determination in her surrogate family at Summit Salon Academy.

What Lies Ahead for Taryn

Taryn Ellingson's work from Summit Salon TacomaThe education Taryn has received at Summit Salon Academy has opened up many doors for her, which has made her decision on where to go next that much harder.

Although she misses her family, the Tacoma area and the relationships she has built here have opened her eyes to more possibilities. “After school I plan on either finding a salon that will let me apprentice around the Tacoma area or maybe heading back home to Oregon to start my hairstyling career and be closer to my family.”

No matter where Taryn chooses to go after she completes her beauty school education, she knows one thing for sure: “No matter where I end up going, I will still continue my education as a cosmetologist and do what I love.”

If you would like to check out more of Taryn’s work, and see all of the painted hair masterpieces she has created, check out her instagram: _hair.and.beyond_

If you would like to schedule a service with this talented lady before her graduation call our student salon* today. She, and any other of our talented students, would love the opportunity to pamper you.

Good luck on all your journeys Taryn! We will always be proud to be the start of your beautiful journey!

*All services performed by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.

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