February 24, 2017

Social Promoter of the Month: Madison Francis

Determination and commitment fuel each and every day at Summit Salon Academy. These are traits we are proud to see grow and thrive in each and every one of our students as they continue their work and develop a lifelong career.

This month, we have seen one student go above and beyond these traits as she has followed her passion. The social promoter for the month for February is Madison Francis! Congrats, girl!

About Madison


Madison has a heart of gold that she loves to put into everything around her. Her passion and commitment to her clients shines right through from the moment you sit in her chair.

“On a client’s first visit, I try to be as friendly and understanding as possible and deliver to them exactly what they want!”

That’s so great, Madison! That’s one of the things we work so hard to instill in our students, the ability to listen and deliver on the clients wants with the highest quality. Madison, however, goes one step further. Tapping into her deep passion and commitment, she works with her clients beyond hair, understanding where deep confidence and beauty comes from and wanting that for each and every one of her clients.

“I believe beauty starts on the inside, I want to make your visit with me the best experience you have ever had. I want every client that walks away feeling confident and beautiful with the best hair.”

“I’m really friendly, I love meeting people, and I’m going to do everything I can to give you the best hair!”

To further exhibit Madison’s enthusiasm and excitement for her passion, we asked what her favorite assignment and specialty is, and she responded simply with “updos!” and “lookbooks!”.

Why Madison Chose Summit Salon Academy


“I chose summit salon academy because it is evident the school goes the extra mile to [ensure] that you are properly trained, included in countless opportunities and are the best set up for your future as a hairstylist.”

Thank you so much for your kind words, Madison. Striving to go above and beyond is one of the things that we really strive from at Summit Salon, we want each and every one of our students to feel fully supported in their new career path and ready for any potential bump that may lie ahead of them.

Cosmetology and esthetics are our passion as well, and we have gone the extra mile by providing our students with a top of the line facility, educators with years of high-industry experience and coursework that will leave them highly trained and ready for the road ahead.

When asked about what her favorite part of Summit Salon Academy Madison responded with: “I love EVERYTHING!”

What Lies Ahead For Madison


When our students set foot in our academy, they do so with goals in mind, and Madison is no exception. Madison’s kind heart shines through when asked about what her hopes for the future are, as she answered humbly:
“I would love to travel and do hair for people in 3rd world countries. Teaching them that beauty on the outside just reflects the beauty on the inside.”

The love and passion that Madison has shown has sent her above and beyond and we are honored to feature her this month as a stand-out member of our student body. Thank you, Madison, for shining bright and displaying a strong passion for your work.

You can check out more of Madison’s work on her Instagram page:@maddyabby21

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Madison reach out to our student salon*.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in your passion? We have classes in cosmetology and esthetics. Contact us for more information today.

*Services are performed by students supervised by licensed professionals.

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