December 21, 2016

Social Promoter of the Month: Lauren Kozak

We know how much goes into being successful as a cosmetologist. As a school, we can see success in our students everyday. To encourage students to continue to push themselves and become better, we promote one student each month for their marketing efforts. This month, Lauren Kozak has taken the title of Social Promoter of the Month! Congrats, Lauren!

About Lauren

All of our students are unique individuals. Each student has a special skill set that makes them good at what they do. Lauren shared her thoughts on what makes her different:

“What sets me aside from other stylists is that I love meeting new people. I moved around a lot as a kid and decided that it was so much better to meet new people than not. I think everyone deserves kindness and respect and I hope clients can tell when they sit in my chair.”

We agree, Lauren. Kindness and respect are both important things to have when working with guests. As a cosmetologist, Lauren changes guests’ outward appearance, something most people take very seriously. We are proud of Lauren and her ability to make clients shine!

purple hair

On the topic of client satisfaction, Lauren shared with us her technique for making new clients feel comfortable:

“I make clients feel more comfortable on their first visit by being honest with them and setting realistic expectations. After the consultation and we start the service I talk to them about anything and everything, where they are from, if they have pets, what they like to do for fun, I ask them questions and tell them a little about me so that we feel less like strangers and more like real people.”

Why Lauren Chose Summit Salon Academy

“I chose this school because it is the best! I had a friend tell me about it and I decided to take a look at the website. I am so thankful that Karen Shea called me and asked me to tour the school. I walked inside the building and immediately told my husband, who was standing next to me, ‘This is my school!’”

purple hair 2

We appreciate your kind words, Lauren! We think Summit Salon Academy is the best, too! In addition to her overall opinion of the school, we asked her to share her favorite assignment or part of the program.

“My favorite assignment I’ve done in school is [definitely] our haircut model. My friend came in to be my model for my haircutting test, and she left so happy. While I was cutting her hair I felt so confident for the first time since school had started. I am still so proud of that haircut!”

“My favorite part about my program is hard to choose. I love a combination of cutting and coloring. I can’t have just one! I love how cutting complements color, and visa versa, Especially when my client takes a look at the end and I see that big smile on their face. That‘s the best part.”

What the Future Holds

Lauren graduates in 2017, and these are her goals for after that:

“I plan to join an amazing salon so I can continue to learn and gain experience. When I am ready I hope to open my own salon.”

teal hair

If you’re interested in seeing more of Lauren’s work, check out her Facebook page, Lauren Kozak’s Book of Hair, or follow her on Instagram @laurenkozakhair16. Make sure to schedule an appointment with her in our student salon!*

*Services are performed by students supervised by licensed professionals.


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