June 5, 2015

Microzone across the aisle

Microzone across the Aisle


In the beginning there were Esthetic Students…

Yesterday was microzone day for our Day Esthetic students. What is a microzone treatment you may ask? It’s the newest trend in skin-care! These are treatments that don’t cost a fortune, can be performed quickly, and that give results! Salon and spas all over the country are rushing to offer this type of treatment.

Educator, Erika Freeman told us that “Microzone type treatments are going to play a HUGE role in the future of the skin car industry because a lot of people are strapped for both time and money. These treatments are intense, quick, target the client’s specific skin care goals, and are incredibly affordable. All of this means that the client gets more bang for their buck!”

Each treatment is designed to target a specific area, takes under 30 minutes, and starts at only $15!

Enter the Cosmetology students…

Once our Esthetic Students had learned all about Microzone treatments, they needed real willing victims  erm, that is, willing volunteers to practice on! This is where our newest class of Cosmetology students came in! They offered their faces and time to help an Esthe out. Each of the Cosmetology students was paired with an Esthetics student for some pampering!

We love exercises like this because it gives our students a chance to form relationships across the different departments! The Esthetic students got a chance to practice a new skill. The Cosmetology students got to observe a new skill( and get a treatment). Everyone wins!

If you are interested in having a microzone treatment yourself, (and trust us, you should be) call our guest services team at 253-617-7000 and book today!

Check it out!

Luckily we had our camera handy and captured the magic!

Microzone Treatments Microzone Treatments Microzone Treatments Microzone Treatments

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