January 12, 2015

Makeup Kits

Learn how to build an awesome makeup kit!

A good makeup kit is the key to a makeup artist’s success! Building a good makeup kit can seem nearly impossible but it doesn’t have to be! These helpful tips from Muse platform artist Ivan Betancourt will get you started on the right foot! We were surprised to learn that a common rookie mistake is buying a lot of bright crazy colors. Veteran makeup artists avoid doing this because good makeup is not cheap and bright colors are a waste of money! Not very many clients are going to want neon makeup and if they do, they will probably let you know when they are booking their appointment. Instead of bright trendy colors (which will go out of style quickly), Bentacourt suggests stocking your makeup kit with soft neutral colors that are more flattering to more skin tones. You will be able to use those shades on a lot more clients and therefore you will get more bang for your buck!

Aspiring makeup artists need to see this article!!

Have we told you how much we love our makeup partner Muse Beauty Pro? They carry the best makeup, and they also share our passion for education. Whether its a class for our students and staff, or an airbrush class taught to beauty industry professionals, we always learn so much when Alphonse or Malenda come to visit us for a class.


Makeup artists: please tell us in the comments what you consider your makeup kit must have items!

Brushes are the backbone to a good makeup kit Brushes are the backbone to a good makeup kit





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