May 11, 2018

Justice and Soul 2018

On March 24th, 2018 Summit Salon Academy Students participated in the Justice and Soul Foundation’s event, Fashion SOULstice. This was our 4th year participating in the event!

Cosmetology Educator, Shannon Miller lead the student team that participated and offered her take on the experience.

As an educator it is so inspiring to see your students involved in an organization that was created with an idea of hairstylists giving to such a meaningful cause.

Justice and Soul is a charity that has set out to combat sex trafficking. Their goal is to help men and women that have been victims, or are at risk of sex trafficking and train them in Cosmetology so that they will have a skill that will allow them to support themselves and their families.

Every year, Justice and Soul puts on a Fashion Show, and we have participated for the last four years. This year was my second year participating in the event. This year my co-educator, Jaimie Strickland advised the group of 10 students- six models and four hairstylists. Students were chosen to participate based on their skill and creativity.

The students had complete artistic control of their presentation, from music to clothing to choreography to the actual hair and makeup looks they dreamed up. It was a true collaboration with many different ideas coming together to form something amazing.

Everyone was genuinely happy to be involved in the show. I was awed by the dedication of full time students that are also juggling families and part time jobs. They gave their time and talent to make this event amazing.  They worked for weeks to bring it all together.

After the weeks of practice and hard work we drove from Tacoma to Lynnwood for the big show! The students were nervous but they remained kind, caring, respectful and professional.

The show began and our hearts raced! We were the 8th salon to walk the stage. When Summit Salon Academy was introduced, my eyes welled with pride. They WORKED the stage and I was completely blown away. I realized that it was the end and I was so sad but so proud! The crowd went WILD and I knew we had created something special!

I am forever grateful to the staff, students, stylists and audience for making our 3 minutes of fame worth it! I can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year! What an amazing ride!

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