August 28, 2015

Hello Goodbye

Lately it feels like a Beatles song around here. Makes sense right? No? Well, give this a listen. What we are trying to say, is that we this past week we have said hello to some awesome ladies, and goodbye to some equally awesome ladies!


Goodbye! Back row: Saoirse, Andrea, Brandie, Summer, Justine, Jessi. Front row: Sarah, Andrea, Stephanie, Sonja

Goodbye and goodluck!

Last Friday we bid a very fond adieu to our Daytime February Esthetics Ladies! Graduations are always bitter sweet. We love our students and are always sad that they won’t be with us anymore. But even more than that we  are proud of their hard work, dedication and progress. We are so excited to watch these lovely woman take the skin industry by storm. Their graduation was the 21st and they are just finishing up their hours and getting ready for state boards!





HELLO GOODBYE, Summit Salon Academy

Welcome to Summit!

This Tuesday we welcomed our August Day Esthetics Class! They have already jumped right in to their course work, and are doing great! They will be available to take guests in about two months, so look out for that.






stacked-with-tacomaThis is why we do what we do. We absolutely adore the journey from hello to goodbye. We love seeing students discover, learn, evolve, and grow during their time with us. If you think that you want to start on your journey to a career in Esthetics or Cosmetology, please call or text Karen in Admissions at 253-617-7010 or email her at




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