January 9, 2016

Practice safe styling!

Heat Protectants!

Heat Styling is something that most of us do. We don’t think twice about using the flat iron or blow dryer. If you aren’t using  heat protectants, you can really damage your hair. Luckily, our friend Lainee Read over at Sam Villa has some great tips on how to chose and use the best heat protectants with products you can find at Summit Salon Academy!

Lainee explains that “heat styling thermal protectants coat the hair follicle, keeping strands sealed and shielded. They provide topical thermal protection while maintaining necessary moisture in the hair shaft, promoting healthy texture, softness, elasticity, and shine. Heat protectants can also enhance the effectiveness of the heat tool you are using.”

Now that we know why it’s important to protect hair from heat styling, let’s take a look at the products Lainee recommends to best protect our hair!


Did you know that not using a protectant can cause your blow out to look fuzzy and dull? Kind of the opposite of what you are going for, right? Luckily Redken has a great line of  blow dry specific products- our favorite is pillow proof blow dry express primer with heat protection. Spray it on towel dried hair to protect your hair from the blow dryer, reduce the time it takes to dry your hair, and extend the life of you blow out!

Curling Iron and Flat Iron

Sleek and smooth, bouncy curls. These are looks we all love, and it’s pretty difficult to achieve them without a hot tool. We really like Iron Shape 11 finishing thermal spray. Mist it on dry hair before using a curling iron of flat iron. It will hold protect the hair, hold shape, won’t leave a gross build up on your tools!

Remember to practice safe styling! Use heat protectants!


Use heat protectants for heat styling!

Make sure to use protectants before using hot tools!


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