September 30, 2013

Everything you need to know about humidity frizz!

Well, it looks like summer has retired for the season, and unfortunately, here in the Northwest we all know what that means: rain! Rain means humidity which is defined as water vapor floating in the air. The hydrogen molecules in the water vapor can wreak havoc on our hair, by causing it to curl when we want it straight; hang limp and straight when we want it to curl, and causing frizz! This is because those molecules bond with the keratin protein in our hair and cause strands of hair to fold up and attach to themselves to form what we call frizz. If you are interested in learning more about the chemistry behind frizz, see here.


So what can we do about frizz?


Using a good shampoo and conditioner system like Diamond Oil, Smooth Lock, or Curvaceous is the first step in combating humidity caused frizz because hair that is well conditioned and moisturized will not attract as much moisture from the air. Think of your hair strands as sponges that will soak up moisture if too dry (which is probably the case after a summer of sun, chlorine, and salt water). TSPA Tacoma Lead Educator  Deana Faust says that “to combat humidity, you have to use good products with beneficial ingredients, if your hair follicles are conditioned and full of good things, your hair will resist the moisture in the air.” Coming in to TSPA for regular chemistry system treatments will also help to keep those darned hydrogen molecules at bay!

The next step is to style your hair with products that will help combat moisture. Real Control Slim Supreme is a serum that protects hair, resists humidity and frizz, and makes hair shiny! Apply to towel dried damp hair, and dry and style as usual. Outshine is an awesome styling milk that can be used on wet or dry hair and will leave hair soft and protected!


Once your hair is dry and styled, finish with Control Addict 28 hairspray! This is Redken’s highest hold hairspray. It locks style in with 24 hour humidity control, without making hair crispy or crunchy! This hairspray will help in the war against humidity and frizz!


Please let us know in the comments if you have any special tips or tricks to combat humidity!

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