December 1, 2015



December 1st is World AIDS Day. Today, unite in the fight against HIV by showing support to those living with HIV and commemorate those who have passed. Globally, there are an estimated 34 million people living with the HIV Virus, and we think that is 34 million people too many. Join Loreal Professional Products in their quest to #cutAIDSshort

Speak up. Break the taboos.

It can be uncomfortable to talk about HIV/AIDS, but it is so important, because knowledge helps remove the stigma which in turn helps the people living with the virus to get help. Arm your self with knowledge.  There are many common myths about the virus and its transmission, such as: you can get HIV from breathing the air around an HIV-infected person or from hugging or holding hands with an HIV-infected person. In reality, however HIV cannot be transmitted through toilet seats or door-knob handles, touching, hugging, holding hands, or cheek kissing with an HIV-infected person, or sharing eating utensils with an HIV-infected person. The only way the virus can be passed is through unprotected sex (which accounts for 95% of transmissions), sharing needles, and an infected mother passing it to her child in utero. 

Consider a donation to the Pastuer Institute to support the very important work they are doing in the fight against HIV/ AIDS


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