July 20, 2018

Craving Creativity? Enroll in Beauty School!

Do bright colors make you happy? Is your heart only truly content when you’re creating something beautiful? Attending beauty school could help you create a future where you get to express this artistic passion every single day! At Summit Salon Academy, our cosmetology program is designed for those who want to create. Here are a few reasons why beauty school is a great choice for those who want a creative future!

Creating Beauty

Whether you’ve been practicing hairstyles and makeup on other people since junior high, or your interest in beauty is more recent, you’re probably interested in this industry because you love to create. During beauty school, you can learn how to create intricate hairstyles, beautiful makeup, and exciting hair colors. Once you graduate, creating new looks and styles will be a part of your daily life. If you’re not sure how to channel creativity day in and day out, films, TV, magazines, and social media platforms are full of beauty inspiration for you to draw from!

Makeup artist does a brunette client's makeup.

Working With Exciting, Artistic Brands

One of our favorite parts about the beauty industry is working with innovative and exciting brands. We recently partnered with the line Pulp Riot, a colorful, modern brand based in Los Angeles. We’re excited about this brand because it focuses on empowering stylists and supporting their individual creativity. Choosing beauty school could give you the opportunity to use this line of bright and bold colors to create looks with real artistry.

@the_blondologist is the artist… Pulp Riot is the paint.

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Beauty is an Ever-Changing Industry

When it comes to the beauty industry, things are always changing. It’s hard to get bored when trends constantly shift and new styles, products, and brands are popping up. Working in the beauty world is a combination of personal creativity and keeping up-to-date with trends. Every client who visits you will want something different. Staying current can help you quickly figure out how to create that perfect rose gold tint in a client’s hair. Whatever a client’s request is, you’ll often have to be creative on the fly. That’s what makes the beauty world so exciting!

Girl with curly hair wears heart sunglasses and stands by flowers.

A Variety of Career Options

Do you want to work with makeup and skin care products? Or is hair more your thing? We offer both cosmetology and esthetics programs at Summit so you can train for a career in either field! Getting your education with us can open the door to a variety of careers in the beauty industry. These include:

  • Hairstylist
  • Hair colorist
  • Skin care specialist
  • Theatrical stylist
  • Fashion show stylist
  • Beauty advisor
  • Esthetician
  • Makeup artist

Backstage makeup artist.

You Were Born to Make Art!

Ready to flex those artistic muscles? Beauty school could be the key to the creative future you’ve always wanted! If you want to learn how to create beauty using high-end, innovative products, contact Summit Salon Academy today. We want to help you get started on your creative future!

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