June 26, 2015

Big bad box-color


Box-color. It’s alright, we get it. We have all been beguiled by the pretty lady on the front of the box at drugstore.  You see the bright eye-catching box on the shelf and think: “I can look that awesome for that price?!?! Sign me up!” But it may not be the best option, and we are going to tell you why.


With box-color you never quite know what you are putting on your hair. You don’t know the strength, the chemical content, or how it will react with your hair.  Many drug-store color systems have a metallic salt base, and put simply, metallic salts do not play well with others. If you happen to have a mishap, fixing it can be tricky in the best case, and catastrophic in the worst case-even for a professional. This is because metallic salts are so reactive and volatile when exposed to other chemicals. It is hard to gauge what they will do. They will also make your hair darker each time you apply them, which can lead to stripes in your hair called banding. PLUS, over time, with repeated use, hair can start to feel like tinsel. Box-color systems attempt to disguise the tinsel effect with conditioners, but a lot of times those conditioners contain high amounts of waxes which only coats the hair. Wax coated hair will feel soft and healthy, but it may not be.


One of the things you are paying for when you get your hair colored at a salon is expertise and education. You will have the benefit of the stylist’s education and experience. A professional will be able to assess the the condition of your hair and chose the best method to get your desired result. They are trained to look for hair and scalp issues that may be contraindicated to doing a color in the first place. They can predict what the products they are using are going to do. This all means that you will get a much more consistent result.


Even the way the color is applied to your hair can affect the end result. It is difficult to see the back of your own head and you may end up with streaks, blotches, or missed pieces. Even when you follow the directions exactly.


Avoid box-color and come to Summit Salon Academy





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