May 23, 2016

Airbrush Makeup at Summit!

Airbrush Makeup Classes Coming Soon At Summit Salon Academy

In 2016, the KETT Airbrush training program will be available at Summit Salon Academy. Partnering with KETT airbrush makeup, the brand leader in Airbrush makeup,  Summit Salon Academy will be providing full day hands-on training classes during the coming months to esthetics students.

Airbrush Makeup ClassKETT Airbrush Makeup Classes are distinguished as the most comprehensive in the industry.  Brian Sutherby and Malenda Boykin from were in the Academy this weekend! They were here to train our Day and Evening Esthetics students on KETT Airbrush Makeup!

The one day hands-on workshop  class will be offered to all future Esthetics Classes. The Muse Beauty KETT Airbrush Workshop uses a unique approach to education that is both informational and hands on. Students will learn how to color match, correct skin imperfections, how to highlight and contour, and also how to maintain airbrush equipment. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the class. Our students are learning a fun fusion of traditional makeup and modern airbrush techniques that will deliver a precise, durable and diverse application!

These students are the first to be trained to offer this service on clients! Esthetics students receive an airbrush pen in their student kit so they are able to practice their technique in school! If you are interested in enrolling, contact Karen Shea in Admissions. She can be reach by email at: or phone/text at: 253-617-7010. 


Brian Sutherby

The career of Brian Sutherby is one of measured success spanning well over 20 years.  As a Lead Makeup Artist, Educational Director, and VP of Sales for some of the industry’s leading brands, Brian has found a striking home for his collective experience in his partnership with MUSE BEAUTY.  Brian’s formula for success –  have a passion for one’s profession, never stop seeking new skill-sets, and always tap into the infinite source of inspiration from all around.  With this in place all things are possible.

The son of an artist, Brian watched attentively throughout his formative years as his Mother painted, developing his imaginative eye for color and detail.  As the impressionable, over-the-top fashion and cosmetic trends of the 1980’s shifted, the movement towards artistry inspired cosmetic brands struck a passionate, artistic cord within him.  Long before industry giants such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Trish McEvoy became household names, Brian entrenched himself in their teachings and like any true artist, paired those lessons with his personalized style and approach to beauty.  Today, with a loyal following of clients throughout the U.S. and Europe, Brian’s career as artist and educator continues to create a body of work in both the lifestyle and professional arenas.

Passion. People. Proficiency. As an educator in the beauty industry for more than two decades, Brian continues to expand on these core principles as artist, educator and mentor.  In his experience, these three connecting points can bridge one’s vision to their personalized style for a fulfilling career.  Brian’s belief that the mark of a great teacher is not one who simply possesses knowledge and experience, but one’s willingness to share. MUSE BEAUTY is inspiration, education and exchange and it’s in Brian’s sharing of his experiences readily with others that those exchanges take on a meaning not found in any textbook.

How do I schedule an application?

We want to give the students plenty of time to practice before they start taking guests. Airbrush Applications will be available starting in June. Please check up on our website and facebook for updates!

Why Airbrush?

Airbrush offers an even, sheer, and natural look without the visibility in fine-lines and pores that can happen with liquid or powder foundation. It is more sanitary because the makeup artist does not have as much physical contact with the skin. This is a technique that is only going to grow in popularity as HD cameras become more common.


KETT Cosmetics specializes in Airbrush Makeup, Equipment, and Education. KETT is a high performance cosmetics line dedicated to solving the problem of modern technology’s ability to expose makeup like never before. KETT is designed for high endurance, created in the lab and tested in the studio in front of the high definition camera lens.

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