I enrolled in the Cosmetology program in May of 2011. My journey in the Beauty Industry has been a surprising and amazing one. I am now working at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills, CA. Since leaving school, I’ve grown so much in my career. Also, because of my career, I’ve grown so much as a person. The most rewarding aspect of my career is making women feel beautiful everyday. I live in a city where everyone tells you you’re not good enough and I’m there to tell every person that sits in my chair they are good enough and nothing makes me happier. One of the greatest things I took away with me from the Summit Salon Academy is the fundamentals both in technical skill and business. I have learned that every rule gets broken when you are working behind the chair but I can’t stress enough how important it is to know the rules and follow them before you break them. I want to encourage whoever feels stuck. You will never meet anyone more passionate about this industry than me and I still have days where I think “What am I doing?” and that’s OK! Days where you’re frustrated with the Summit Level System, EMBRACE it! It will teach you everything you need to know about the beauty industry and how to work it correctly. When I was still in school, I wish that I had known how crucial the Summit Program is. I took advantage of it when I was in school (in a good way) but I didn’t realize how important it would be for me going out not only into the salon but moving to Los Angeles. The way I take care of clients compared to the way that all my coworkers deal with clients is vastly different because I have such a great foundation thanks to this Summit Salon Academy!

— Mikhayela Curry, Chris McMillan Salon

I enrolled in the One and Only Part Time Evening Cosmetology program in January 2007. After graduating, I had an amazing opportunity to become an educator for Redken. I’ve had the privilege to assist several artists such as Sam Villa and Kris Sorbie. Today, I co-own Belle Salon & Spa in University Place, WA. I love this industry because I love serving others. It’s a great feeling knowing that I am a day maker. I am so grateful that I learned The Summit Level System in school. It really prepared me for the industry, because when you learn the Summit Level System, you learn the importance and balance of repeat requests, referrals, add ons, and retail sales. You can’t have a successful business without it! Current and future students, remember that the owners and educators are usually right! If I’d listened to them….there are some mistakes I could’ve avoided along the way! Take their advice! Before I started school, I wish I would’ve known how elevated the curriculum is at Summit. I believe students leave Summit with more principles than any other program. It was eye opening after I graduated to sit in color classes and know more about color than some veteran stylists!

— Robin Garcia, Co-Owner, Belle Salon & Spa

I graduated from the Cosmetology program in November 2014. Since graduation, I have been busy working as a stylist at Annie Fisher Hair in Seattle, WA. We work hard behind the chair, doing weddings, and fashion and hair shows. I am also a certified Framesi Technician which means I teach other salons and stylists how to use Framesi color and products. I also freelance when I can doing photoshoots and offside weddings. This year I was also nominated for the Northwest Hairstyling Awards Newcomer of the Year. Industry professionals nominate their peers for this award every year. Upon nomination you must submit a photo that is judged by professionals across the country. It was a great experience coming up with my own concept, team, and of course hair.

I love working in this industry because I meet the most interesting people and through that process I get to make them look and feel good. I have an opportunity to make someone’s day, everyday, and that’s the most gratifying thing in the world.

Learning the Summit Level System at Summit Salon Academy taught me how to measure and achieve goals. The educators and staff are a wealth of knowledge, I picked their brains as much as I could. I am glad that I took advantage of every opportunity I could get my hands on while I was in school.

My advice to a current student is: know the importance of keeping busy! It is so easy to relax and zone out on your down time and there’s times where that’s necessary. But I also believe there are so many things you can do to keep yourself moving forward. Watch hair videos, engage with social media, research salons, research other stylists. If you want to succeed, put this into practice in school that way when you get out in the “real world” you’re ready to make the most of it. Make goals for yourself and crush them! If you want to do hair in a big city, then describe the type of job you want and go after it! I see so many talented people afraid to put themselves out there. If you don’t believe in yourself then why should a potential employer? Do some self reflection and think about the type of stylist you want to be. How do you want your clients to feel and look after they leave your chair? With that in mind, go after a salon that aligns with your vision. This is such a rewarding career and the sky is the limit if you work hard and get after it!

— Kelsey Knutson, Annie Fisher Hair

I enrolled in Summit Salon Academy’s Cosmetology program in 2008. Post graduation, I faced many challenges, but was ultimately well-prepared thanks to the extensive knowledge I received as a student of Summit. The program instilled in me a business driven mindset and insight that catapulted me in this industry as a successful Salon Professional. I am happy to have found my career home at Elle Marie Hair Studio. I am also a Show Ambassador for Sam Villa. These roles allow me to work with inspirational and world renowned artists! I feel I have found my life purpose in giving back to salon students who faced similar challenges or moments of adversity during their time in Summit Salon Academy. Had I known then what I know now, I probably would have taken my journey in cosmetology school a bit more seriously, applied myself fully by being more present, and used the resources provided to me by Summit to leverage my growth even more so.

— Joseph Bryce Longmore, Graduate of Summit Salon Academy Tacoma, Show Ambassador, Sam Villa

The Summit Salon Community celebrates salon professionals who make outstanding contributions to the beauty industry. Summit Salon Academy graduates represent the best and the brightest and contribute to SSBC’s mission to keep the independent salon alive and profitable.

— Heather Bagby, Senior Director of Development, Summit Salon Business Center

Graduating from Summit Salon Academy is the bridge you need to build a career in the leading salons in your area.

— Glenn Baker, Director of Consulting, Summit Salon Business Center

In 2000 we hosted the first Summit Salon program in my home. And from that event came forth a transformational movement, which continues to take its members to tremendous heights. As a founding member of Summit Salon Business Center, it is a sacred honor to be a part of teaching the new generation of salon professionals. Summit Salon Academy is without doubt the epitome of technical creativity and salon expertise. Not only is it a dream one true it is the most meaningful experience of my professional life.

— Michael Cole, Co-founder SSBC and Global Educator, Summit Salon Business Center

Summit Salon Academies have what beauty school students need, the best resources in the beauty industry, Period!

— Frank Gambuzza, Board Member SSBC, Owner of The Visage Group, Salon Visage, Studio Visage, Spa Visage and Frank’s Barber Shop

Oftentimes in life, people require a crisis or loss to recognize the value of what was already in front of them. Because this is the only Cosmetology School you are likely to attend, it’s possible that you may never appreciate how fortunate you are for having chosen a “Summit Salon Academy”. But whether by accident or intention, you should know that you are in one of the finest learning institutions in the beauty business. You will be taught the skills to not only create great art, but to create a great living for your self and your family. The people behind Summit Salon Academy spent decades of trial and error to master the skills and create the tools that you will receive here. Please accept them with our best wishes, our love for the beauty professional go out into the world and do great things with them.

— Dave Kirby, Director of Training, Summit Salon Business Center

Creating career paths for salon professionals to LEARN, EARN, and LIVE better is a core value of the Summit Salon Community. We are excited and proud to enhance this journey through the Summit Salon Academy.

— Peter Mahoney, President, Summit Salon Business Center

Summit Salon Academies set the new bar of excellence for the salon industry! By the dedication to uphold SSBC’s systems of career growth, students will join our industry with not only amazing artistic skills and creativity, but a solid career plan to take their new talents straight to the bank!

— Kristi Valenzuela, Director of Front Desk Division, Summit Salon Business Center

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